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The BrewERY

"It's About the Craft"

A natural born talker. With his mixed backgrounds of marketing/graphic design and sales, we figure that he is the right person to spread the word about Bushnell Craft.

Director of Enthusiasm


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Kevin is a dreamer, a guy with more ideas than anyone you will ever meet, but the one thing that Kevin does right, is he knows how to turn his visions into reality. You never know what he is working on next, we hope its more beer.


Kevin Bushnell


When Kristin is not running her own Real Estate Brokerage, she runs the back end of Bushnell Craft. She is in charge of running all that there is to run behind the scenes. 

Director of Stuff

Kristin Bushnell

The Brew Barn

We started our expansion in the Fall of 2017, after months of permitting and renovations we were able to brew our first batch in September of 2018.  We are now focused on selling our beer to bars, but soon we hope to open a Tap Room at The Brew Barn