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We get a lot of questions asking us how we do things around the brewery, so we thought we would share all the craziness that is Bushnell Craft. From making tables to fabricating electronic gizmos, we try to do nearly everything in house, Pops even picks the berries for his home made blackberry pie himself.

Over time, we will walk you through everything we do and did to get here. From paperwork required to start a brewery, to brewing on our 3 BBL brewhouse, to fabricating, to electonics, we will begin to document it and share with the world.

We didnt take a lot of video when we were building the home brew system or the original tap room and brewery but we took a lot of pictures and we will share those here as well.

Our Brew House - Part 1 HLT

home made trophies - February 2016

As you all know we create lots of stuff ourselves. From t-shirts to trophies to walk in coolers, we do it all ourselves. That's why we call it Bushnell Craft. In this video we show the end to end process of crafting trophies for our annual NFL Pick'em contest we run in the tap room. A hop shaped trophy, cut out of poplar, screen printed for effect, cut out on a scroll saw, painted and then dye sublimation plaques heat pressed into gold colored metal. Yep, we make stuff.

Product Links:
Home Depot - Wood
Stahls - Heat Press
Fast Cap - Glue

Our Brew House - Part 1 HLT

our brew house - Part 1 the HLT - February 2016

A brief video about out HLT (Hot Liquor Tank). This is the first tank in the brew process and is the one responsible for maintaining raw water at the desired strike temperatures. In this video we show our HLT system and briefly discuss our Electric Brew Controllers and Electric Distribution Center.

Product Links:
HLT Tank

New Kegs Have Arrived

new kegs have arrived - January 2016

We received a new batch of kegs from Geemacher and are pretty proud of ourselves. Geemacher is priced right, has a quick turn around and they stamp our name in the kegs for free. We are growing and need more storage vessels so we can distribute outside of our own tap room.

Tap Handle Creation

tap handle creation - January 2016

With our new 10 BBL fermenter and the additional kegs we ordered on their way, we are very close to being ready to brew enough beer to distribute around Redmond. The last piece of the puzzle is having a tap handle that can go out with the kegs. Our good buddy Tito is hard at work designing the center piece with a 3D Dirty Shirley that will maek the entire thing pop. In this video series we show the design of the wooden portion of the new tap handle.

Look for us soon in the bars and restaurants around town. If interested in carrying Dirty Shirley NWGA in your establishment contact Kempton today.

Original Kickstarter

original kickstarter - October 2013

Before we got the doors opened in Redmond, we tried our luck with Kickstarter. We didn't make our goal and therefore didn't get funding from Kickstarter, but we opened it up anyway with hard work and sheer tenacity. Since we just recently moved back to Washington in 2011, we didn't have the same network of friends and family that we had back in Arizona so it was pretty tough to find funding via Kickstarter. Thanks to you all, we have lot's of friends and family here now.

Check out Kempton as he pleads our case.

You can still see the entire campaign on Kickstarter here

Creating a Brand

creating a brand - July 2013

This video is from July of 2013, before we even opened the doors of the brewery. Kempton owns a screen printing business, hence why you all get free T-Shirts every Tuesday, and he studied advertising and marketing at Nothern Arizona University, so of course the very first thing we did, while we were brewing like mad men in the garage day and night, was created a logo and printed up some shirts.

The cheesy music and fancy text transitions was all my fault and me just dinking around with Adobe Premier.

Kempton and the guys do a lot of T-Shirts on the side for others as well, so if you are looking for some screen printing, come on in and see what Kempton can do for ya.

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